Project Name: My Family. 

Type of project: DApplication for the Ethereum Network.

Features: Social Network. 

Function: A place to share assets and service management. 

Economical typology: Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

Tags: #Cooperativism #Colaboration #Open Family 

Road Map: Open Project. The community decides the time, the way and the terms of its implementation


About the proponents:

The À Praça Association aims to stimulate the reflection and the practices around a transversal view of art, science, citizenship and technology, with the objective of pursuing sustainable development. We co-created an Independent System of Studies [kind of a free distributed University in a given region (] and we have projects that are addressed to institutions and propose decentralized models of production and organization.



We began this project as an exercise to link some of the concepts we have been working on such as:

– Distributed Autonomous Organizations

– Institutional references like Family, Community, Distribution of Wealth, Blockchain, Personal Bank and Digital Assets

– Social and Community Networks

– Governance Tools



We don’t know what features the next big social network for the cryptocurrencies age will have, but it is our collective opinion that an open family platform, beyond its traditional connotation “family”, where the technology induces altruistic behaviors inside a set of personal relations, will have an important role in our society. If we have the technology, as human beings, we can to share much more than we do.



My Family is a personal self-building community environment with the purpose of managing shared assets and small services between their members.

The family starts when one or more founders decide to have a shared asset or to liberate the propriety of an owned asset with others. To add new members we use an open encrypted platform that offers a digital identity [ can be an example].


Some practical examples of the new families in action: 

– John has two weeks of vacation asset in Greece and shares it with his family.

– When Raul goes to Madrid he stays in Joana’s free shared room..

– Luis has camping equipment in his “share for free” assets.

– There are three family cars in Luis’s neighborhood that are managed on the platform.

– Joana received an extra ticket for the theater so she asks if anyone wants to join her.

– John decides to create a family to share his country house (for free or with a fee) that he never uses.

– Cris belongs to five different families.

— Each asset has its own personal history and comments from its users.

– Joana asks for small loan during a short period of time, with no interest to her most trusted family.

– Every family has a list of objects, clothes or other digital assets that they don’t want or don’t need and that can be donated to their members or to other families in need.

– Joana decides to crowdfund a common solar system to produce electricity in her neighborhood.

-Ten families from Amsterdam create a new one to manage a common space for live music and events.

– A city council can decide to attribute the management of a public space [or service] based on proposals made by families for this function.

– John’s family has a shared budget to help other chosen people in need.

– Bigger families can generate a trusted token to pay for small services among them.

– Luis needs a babysitter and finds one he trusts using the platform.

– Joana transfers her house rent to her landlord through the platform each month, at the same time and day.

– Carlos is a 14 year old boy that shares his books and games with his friends.

– Carlos’s father transfer’s small amounts of money to his sons through the platform.

– Carlos’s mother gives her teenage daughter the access to her common money.

– Each Family has a public reputation based on the interaction among their members, the assets it offers and a voting system.

– Joana has members from around the world in one of her families, most of them she doesn’t know personally, however their connection is trust.

– Luis is on the top five family list who has more “environmental points”.

– When Joana added Raul to her family there was a huge party.

This platform embraces many different and important roles of human existence. If on a first level it can be seen as a social game where the goal is to be the founder of happy families, it is also a place for people to share anything with the possibility of managing money and assets like a home personal bank. This versatility allows this technology to be adopted by persons with very diverse interests.

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