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SEI – System of Independent Studies

The System of Independent Studies, arises as a need to articulate in network, knowledge and developments worked by independent projects that occur in Galicia and the north of Portugal, outside the institutions that regulate conventionally and vertically the limiting of the resources of our societies.

– First by mapping and the establishment of relations between the groups P2P free. Each project released to the network, each documented research, each acquired knowledge, which is currently exposed in the networks of proximity from who generates it, can be spread in an area to achieve greater self-conscious and establish permanent links between all nodes. Also, within that network, each output favors a potential input to prove the resource modified, improved, supplemented, outside the scope of its original impact. Moreover, the benefits of collaborative network facilitate the improvements suggested in a tip or node encourages others, giving as a result a more consistent growth of the all-collective network.

– Second, and through this collective empowerment, by providing resources to society so this network can be expanded, in a local as well in a global (Glocal) field and inserting new capabilities and knowledge within the open methodologies that we propose; the consumer becomes an unidirectional producer turning the concept of vertical education in a new paradigm of learning and multidirectional facilitation.


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