À Praça association intends to implement the Museum of Citizenship, Democracy and Participation [ MIPA ], a museum space whose collection consists of the results of a set of experiments that aim at social inclusion through the creation of a practical model of training in the field civic participation that uses science , art and culture as elements of transformation and empowerment of communities.

With a strong experimental nature, regarding the practical application of the discussions already held around the relational aesthetics, participatory, collaborative or community art, the MIPA will propose to the communities the co-construction of participation tools, through artistic languages such as Visual or performing arts.

The methodology of the Activation Process MIPA (Public Action, Educational Action, Artistic Residences , Archive and Documentary Collection ) is the major innovation of this project, which aim the development of Civil society and its contribution to social justice and sustainable development, through actions created collaboratively.

In every context, for each project, will be established a bridge between theory and practice, between social abstraction and humanized experience of that complexity. We suggest a rapprochement between who think and who experiences, that is, between those who create wonder and others who experience creating.

We think it is equally innovative the establishment of a living museum whose Collection is constructed through the relationship between the need for social innovation and the problems experienced by a given population.

This idea of a living museum, the creation of a collection in the present, intends to question the traditional role of museological institutions and their dynamics as part of the transformation of society.

MIPA is a in a Beta stage of development.